"I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught." 
Sir Winston Churchill


To foster the greatest achievements of humankind by acting as a catalyst of human change.


We inspire self-awareness so that the world benefits from everyone's best.


We believe in enabling success in ourselves and others through lifelong personal growth.

We believe that everyone has greatness within them.  We honor  the uniqueness of the individual while fostering  collaboration as we build open, honest and respectful relationships.

We believe in equal partnerships and in edifying others with unconditional  positive regard as we deliver the results they desire.

We strive to foster in ourselves and others characteristics valuable to lifelong fulfillment and success.  We consider some of those characteristics to be honesty, integrity, authenticity, humility, kindness, charity, patience, peace and gentleness, happiness, motivation, self-awareness, self-control and empathy.

We are inspired, motivated and committed.  We love what we do.

Judie Thompson

Phone: 484-358-5084

Judie leads with Insights Discovery EARTH GREEN ENERGY.  Is it a wonder her favorite saying is "Why can't we all get along?"

Professional Affiliations
American Psychological Association
Accreditation and Certifications

First Job
Worked in a bakery where she fried donuts and baked shoo fly pies.  Her aprons smelled so irresistible that her Siberian Huskie would sneak them out of the laundry hamper and snack on them.

Little Known Fact

Favorite vehicle is a mini-van...just kidding...her favorite vehicle is a tractor.

Best Career Advice
"Don't quit your day job."  Said by her father when he heard her play the flute. 


"Imagine our world filled with people who are engaged in meaningful work.  They and their organizations are aligned in pursuit of their mission.  They share a vision and common values.  They create an organizational culture of trust and respect where collaboration and innovation thrive.  I envision smiling people enthusiastic about their lives and optimistic about their futures.  They feel valued in their careers and they bring real value to their organizations and the world.  When we understand ourselves and we work at understanding others, it brings increased success to our lives, increased competency to our careers and increased value to our organizations.  By finding one's own distinctive path and understanding others, life's possibilities unfold."  

Favorite Leadership Experience

President of a non-profit organization where she motivated a work force of three hundred volunteers.  “There were four simple words that had a profound impact on me.  They were so powerful that I passed them along to others when the opportunity was right.  They were, ‘I believe in you.’  These simple words inspired me as a leader to look for what was right in the organization and to appreciate others for their contributions.”

Judie has substantial experience as an accomplished business executive of a successful company in the food industry.  During that time, she carried the vision for the organization, led organization wide change initiatives, broadened product channels, advanced the use of technology, managed inventory control and carried responsibility for human resources which included employee trainings.  Clients included Lutron, Cat Logistics, Aldi Distribution, Sears, and Sappi. 

As a coordinator for rapidly growing Millard Distribution, she had responsibility for administration sector profitability of seven distribution centers.  She led organization change initiatives and constructed training programs for distribution centers.  She also structured relationships with clients such as Kraft Foods, Land O’Lakes, Kelloggs, Pillsbury, Campbells, Sysco
and LJ Minor.  As an Account Manager for ExecuTrain, Judie developed proprietary training programs and materials as well as managed development programs for clients such as Air and Marine Products (AMP), Carpenter Technologies, Warner Entertainment and Baldwin Brass.

Judie has a commitment to her community where she serves community organizations whose missions range from halting the cycle of homelessness to leadership development.  Judie's education includes a M.A. in Organizational Management and Development and a B.A. in Psychology and Communications.  She is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach and is a graduate of the accredited evidence-based coaching program at Fielding Graduate University.  She is also a member of the American Psychological Association.

Judie's additional accreditation and certifications include:
MA organizational management and development
PCC professional coach certification, ICF
Member APA
Leadership Berks Graduate

Muhlenberg College HR Certification, PHR
EQ-i 2.0
Strong Interest Inventory
Values In Action
Insights Discovery Accredited Practitioner 2012

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